Patient Portal FAQs

To keep your information confidential, we use an outside vendor called EHR Your Way. 

You should have received an email inviting you to log in to your Patient Portal.  If you cannot find your email invitation, contact

Please use google chrome browser!


Login / Reset Password

You should have received an email titled "Portal Login Credentials- Hop Brook Counseling Center".  That email will contain your User Name and temporary password.  You will be prompted to reset your password at your first login attempt.

If you forgot your password, go to and click on "Forgot Password ?" link and enter your username from the initial email.  Follow instructions in the reset password email.

If you are not the patient, and need access to a patient's portal, HBCC staff should have already added you as a contact (contact your provider if you need to be granted access).  Upon logging into your portal, find the drop down menu on the top right of the portal homepage and choose the patient to access their portal:

Prescription Refills / Clinical Questions

Appointment changes and requests should be sent via text message directly to your provider.

Prescription refills and clinical questions are required to be sent through our patient portal messaging tool.
To access messages, log into and click on "Messages" in the menu, then "Send Message to Clinic".

refill part1.png

Select your provider and complete the Subject and message for your request, as you would a standard email.  Please ensure you select the appropriate "Message type" then click the "Send" button

refill part2.png

NOTE:  Refill Requests and Clinical Messages will be responded to within 3 business days!


Viewing Statements and Paying Your Bill

Log into and select “Documents” from the menu.  Billing Statements will show under “All Categories” and “Billing Statements” folders.  The most recent statement will be at the top of the list.

Billing part 1.png

You can pay your balance via credit card by selecting “Credit Card Payments” from the menu.  Here you may enter your card details and charge amount and even select “Remember Card?” to add it to the vault for quick processing for future bills.  Next time you log on to pay, select the “Vault” option in the credit card window.

Billing part2.png

Appointment Questions (Cancel, Reschedule)

Appointment changes and requests should be sent via text message directly to your provider.

Uploading Insurance Card and Photo ID

Log into and select “Upload Files / Documents” from the menu. 

Click to select your license or insurance card (front and back) photo and select the appropriate category. 

Then Click “Upload Document(s)” 

Uploade Documents part1.png

Completing Intake Forms

Log into and select “Forms to Complete” from the menu.
Select a form to review and complete all required fields.  Then click “Finalize”.

Forms part1.png

Viewing Scheduled Appointments

Log into and select “Appointments” from the menu.
Make a selection to view appointments by week, all past, or all future appointments.

Appointments part1.png

If you have an upcoming video appointment, you can access the Zoom meeting link directly from your portal menu item “Zoom Meetings”.

Appointments part2.png